How to Hack a Cheap Flight to Nepal

Wondering how to get the best deal on a flight to Nepal? Here are some suggestions based on where you might be coming from. You can save a lot if you have some flexibility and are willing to plan in advance. Even if you have some fixed dates you should still find some great tips in this article. If you have any questions about getting a cheap flight don’t hesitate to ask us. Caution! Read This if you are going through India: A Visa is required to enter India so if you have luggage this option will not work since you have to go through immigration to collect bags. However if you have an Indian visa already in hand it’s a good bet. Also remember you can’t leave the transit area of the Delhi airport without a visa so doesn’t plan a layover longer than 8 hours. Some countries are eligible for visa on arrival but they still need to process this at least 4 days in advance online. North America Option 1 Via India to Kathmandu  :  If you’re coming from North America the cheapest flights you will find are out of New York’s JFK airport to Delhi in […]

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4 Things that might surprise you about Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

If you have not trekked in the Himalayas you may not be familiar with “Teahouse Trekking.” This is probably the most popular style of trekking and simply involves going from teahouse to teahouse. Teahouses are essentially small hotels found in local villages that offer both a place to sleep as well as home cooked meals. On routes with sufficient number of tea houses you don’t need to worry about brining a tent or carrying your own food. The actual quality of the teahouse varies quite a bit depending on the amount of foot traffic in the region, number of foreigners and competition. Teahouses in the Everest and Annapurna region are exceptionally nice and many boast of western style flush toilets, hot water showers, a selection of beverages including beer and a wide range of menu items. Teahouses along less popular trekking routes are usually more rudimentary and one might expect to sleep in a common room around a toasty stove after enjoying a meal of dhal bhatt (rice and lentils). Teahouses are pretty great! – If your trekking in the Everest and Annapurna region the tea houses are almost like small hotels but with a much more home-stay feeling. Most […]

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Approaching Kanchenjunga Basecamp; Nepal or India?

The massive and captivating Kanchenjunga 8,586 m (28,169 ft) situated on the border between Nepal and India is the world’s third tallest mountain. The peak lies in a larger portion of the Himalayas known as the The Kangchenjunga Himal that includes 16 peaks over 7,000m (23,000 ft). Most of the region is protected as part of a large national park that spans both India and Nepal and protects the natural beauty of the region and cultural traditions of a diverse range of ethnic groups. The mountain consists of 5 separate peaks and in Tibetan Kanchenjunga means the “Five Treasures of the Snow.” The peak is considered holy by the people of Sikkim and climbers have always stopped just short of the summit out of respect for the mountain.   Four giant glaciers cover the bulk of the terrain above 5000m/16000ft and encompass a vast area that measures over 315 km / 125 square miles. The glaciers, Zemu, Talung, Yalung and Kangchen radiate out from the mountain at nearly ninety degree angles while the main ridges of the mountain run almost north to south and east to west forming a giant cross. On the eastern point of this cross one finds […]

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The World's Highest Trek – Mount Everest Advance Base Camp

Mount Everest Advance Base Camp (EABC) not to be confused with Everest Base Camp is approached from Tibet and is the highest that one can go on Everest without a climbing permit. It’s also the world’s highest trek on an established trail. The same route is typically used by climbers attempting to summit who continue on past Advanced Base Camp and follow the North Col and then the Northeast Ridge to the summit. The route has to Mount Everest Advance Base Camp is a challenging but beautiful trek through a stunning mountain landscape. The journey to EABC starts in Lhasa (11,975ft/ 3,650m) the capital of Tibet where it’s best to spend a few days acclimatizing before heading out towards Everest. Lhasa is amazing destination itself with the majestic Potala Palace, the great three monasteries of Sera, Ganden and Drepung as well as the Barkor Square and Jokhang Temple. It’s 627km by road from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and the Rongbuk Valley that’s best taken over three days both to enjoy the sights but also to assist in the acclimatization process. A possible itinerary is to spend the first day visiting Yamdrock Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake, before crossing the […]

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Everest or Kilimanjaro? Trekking Comparison

Are you planning a trek and trying to decide between either Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro? I have been to both and wanted to put together a bit of a comparison of the experience on each. This comparison looks specifically at the Kilimanjaro’s Marangu Route which is the quickest and also one of the most popular summit approaches. The other routes to Kilimanjaro’s summit take more time and give trekkers a better chance to acclimatize. Everest or Kilimanjaro: Which is more difficult? The summit day on Kilimanjaro is definitely more difficult than any day on the Everest Base Camp trek and involves ascending 1200m to the summit and then descending nearly 2400m to camp. On the otherhand, the trek to Everest Base Camp is more of an endurance test taking 9 to 10 days or almost double the time required on Kilimanjaro. The rapid ascent and elevation change experienced on Kilimanjaro add an additional level of difficulty and creates more potential problems with acclimatization. The Everest Base Camp trek is 122km (76 miles) round trip and one gains a total elevation of 4200m/13900feet accounting for ups and downs on the trail. In comparison, Kilimanjaro’s Marangu Route is 70km (42 miles) […]

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