14 Simple Tips that Will Improve Your Everest Base Camp Trekking Experience

Most of us dream about trekking to Everest long before we arrive. I made my first trek to Everest Base Camp in 1998 and have repeated the journey many times since then. It’s an amazing experience and if you can only choose one trek in Nepal it’s my pick as the best option. Here a few simple tips and travel hacks that will improve your overall experience and save you time and money. Before you arrive – Make sure you get the best rate on your flight to Nepal (Here is how). If you can bring three passport sized photos of yourself. You can get them on arrival if needed but if the photo both is not open it can be a bit of a headache and will put you at the end of the visa processing que.   Send us your ticket information keep up to date of any changes or delays. Our representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name printed on it. What to Pack – Here is a list of everything we suggest (Click here). However, the most important thing to bring is a good pair of trekking shoes that you have hiked […]

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Approaching Kanchenjunga Basecamp; Nepal or India?

The massive and captivating Kanchenjunga 8,586 m (28,169 ft) situated on the border between Nepal and India is the world’s third tallest mountain. The peak lies in a larger portion of the Himalayas known as the The Kangchenjunga Himal that includes 16 peaks over 7,000m (23,000 ft). Most of the region is protected as part of a large national park that spans both India and Nepal and protects the natural beauty of the region and cultural traditions of a diverse range of ethnic groups. The mountain consists of 5 separate peaks and in Tibetan Kanchenjunga means the “Five Treasures of the Snow.” The peak is considered holy by the people of Sikkim and climbers have always stopped just short of the summit out of respect for the mountain.   Four giant glaciers cover the bulk of the terrain above 5000m/16000ft and encompass a vast area that measures over 315 km / 125 square miles. The glaciers, Zemu, Talung, Yalung and Kangchen radiate out from the mountain at nearly ninety degree angles while the main ridges of the mountain run almost north to south and east to west forming a giant cross. On the eastern point of this cross one finds […]

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The 5 Best Treks of Himachal Pradesh

The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh lies in the heart of the Himalayas nestled between Ladakh one side and Uttarakhand on the other. It’s a land of contrast between the lush and rainy southern portion which encompasses, the districts of Chamba, Kangra, Kullu and Kinnar and the much drier northern region of Lahaul and Spiti which lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. It’s a fantastic region for trekking with a handful of well trodden routes and numerous peaks between 6000 and 7000 meters. Access is via the hill stations of Shimla, Manali and Dharamsala. Flights from New Delhi can take you to either Manali or Dharamsala and all three are accessible by overnight bus. One of the most amazing treks in the region is Pin Parvati a 10 day journey that traverses the Himalayan Range from south to north and encompasses the full range of environments from arid landscapes and glacial traverses to towering pine forests. Here is a look at what might be the 5 best hikes in Himachal Pradesh. Pin Parvati is a challenging 10 trek across the Himalayas that covers nearly 100km (60 miles) and tops out at the pass of the same name (17,457 […]

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The World's Highest Trek – Mount Everest Advance Base Camp

Mount Everest Advance Base Camp (EABC) not to be confused with Everest Base Camp is approached from Tibet and is the highest that one can go on Everest without a climbing permit. It’s also the world’s highest trek on an established trail. The same route is typically used by climbers attempting to summit who continue on past Advanced Base Camp and follow the North Col and then the Northeast Ridge to the summit. The route has to Mount Everest Advance Base Camp is a challenging but beautiful trek through a stunning mountain landscape. The journey to EABC starts in Lhasa (11,975ft/ 3,650m) the capital of Tibet where it’s best to spend a few days acclimatizing before heading out towards Everest. Lhasa is amazing destination itself with the majestic Potala Palace, the great three monasteries of Sera, Ganden and Drepung as well as the Barkor Square and Jokhang Temple. It’s 627km by road from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and the Rongbuk Valley that’s best taken over three days both to enjoy the sights but also to assist in the acclimatization process. A possible itinerary is to spend the first day visiting Yamdrock Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake, before crossing the […]

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The Greatest 7 Treks of Uttarakhand

Often called the “Land of the Gods” the Indian state of Uttarakhand lies just west of Nepal and is the geographic center of the greater Himalayas. Hindus have long made pilgrimages to the source of the Ganga which starts from the Gangotri Glacier glaciers high in the Himalayas. Home to Nanda Devi (7,816 m / 25,643 ft) the second tallest peak in India as well as a host of other 7000m+ peaks Uttarakhand is a fantastic destination for trekkers. Known as the Garhwal Himalayas it is further divided into the western Garhwal division and eastern Kumaon division. Daily flights can be taken to Dehradun from Delhi but it still a few days of travel to get into the mountains via rugged mountains.  The small town of Rishikesh along the banks of the Ganges and at the base of the Himalayas can make a good resting point for those on their way into the mountains. The best trekking season is between April and Early June and then again during October and November. Here is a look at some of the best treks in the region. Gomukh Tapovan or Gangotri Glacier Trek : This is a short 4 or 5 day trek […]

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