Chomo Lonzo (7,804 m)

Chomo Lonzo is a mountain in Tibet, 5 km northeast of Makalu in the Mahalungur (Mohalingor) or Khumbu Himalayas. Alternate spellings of the same name include Chomolonzo, Chomolonzo, Chomo Lonzo, Jomolonzo, and Lhamalangcho.Chomo-Lonzo has three distinct summits. The Southern, main peak (7804m) is joined via a 7250m saddle to the Central peak (7565m), which is joined via a 7050m saddle to a 7200m North (or North West) peak. While from Nepal the mountain is overpowered by nearby Makalu, the fifth-highest peak in the world, the three peaks are a very impressive and dominating sight from the Kangshung valley in Tibet. The 3000 m high northeast face is an obvious challenge that is as yet unsolved. Chomo-Lonzo translates to "bird goddess" and from the East the mountain indeed brings to mind a 3 km high eagle with spread wings.

Image From Flickr: Steynard , John Town

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7,804 m / 25,604 ft

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