Ama Dablam (6,856 m)

Ama Dablam at 6812m (22,349 ft) might not be one of the tallest peaks in the Himalayas buts its certainly impressive and even iconic. The mountains beautiful profile has led some to call it the "Matterhorn of the Himalayas." It stands out in the minds of most trekkers who have been to Everest Base Camp as it dominates the eastern skyline between Tengboche and Dingboche.

The mountain is the third most popular expedition peak in Nepal. Most climbers make use of the southwest ridge upon and set up three intermediate camps on their way to the summit. Mike Gill, Barry Bishop, Mike Ward and Wally Romanes were the first to make it to the summit in 1961. Annapurna's Camp 3 was the site of tragedy in 2006 when a giant avalanche swept down from a hanging glacier above the camp and killed six climbers. Another piece of this hanging glacier which is actually part of the namesake "Dablam" fell off in 2008 and as result some climbers now skip camp 3 and make the summit in one long day from camp 2.

It's considered a difficult mountain to climb despite the fact that the elevation is less than the surrounding peaks and expeditions to the summit usually allow for 35 to 40 days. Climbers rate it as having a technical difficult of 5.7 on the rock and WF4 on the ice which means that it requires serious climbing experience.

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6,856 m / 22,493 ft

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