Changtse (7,543 m)

Changtse is a mountain situated between the Main Rongbuk and East Rongbuk Glaciers in Tibet immediately north of Mount Everest. It is connected to Mount Everest via the North Col.The given elevation of 7,543 metres is from modern Chinese mapping. Some authorities give 7,583 metres. The Changtse Glacier flows north into the East Rongbuk Glacier. It is possible that the third highest lake in the world is in the Changtse Glacier at 6,216 metres (20,394 ft).1987 Australian climbers Rob Turner and Glen Nash reached the summit September 29, 1987 via the north face icewall (Japanese 1986 route) despite high winds.

Image From Flickr: Steynard, Robert Nunn, Ben Tubby, Volvatella, Philip Hassell, Steynard,

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7,543 / 24,747 ft

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