Dhaulagiri (8,167 m)

The Dhaulagiri massif in Nepal extends 120 km (70 mi) from the Kaligandaki River west to the Bheri. This massif is enclosed on the north and southwest by tributaries of the Bheri and on the southeast by Myagdi Khola. Dhaulagiri I at 8,167 metres (26,795 ft) ranks seventh among Earth's fourteen peaks over eight thousand metres. It was first climbed on May 13, 1960 by a Swiss/Austrian/Nepali expedition. The mountain's name is dhaulagiri in Nepali. This comes from Sanskrit where dhawala means dazzling, white, beautiful and giri means mountain. Dhaulagiri I is also the highest point of the Gandaki river basin.Dhaulagiri I's sudden rise from lower terrain is almost unequaled. It rises 7,000 m (22,970 ft) from the Kali Gandaki River 30 km to the southeast.

Image From Flickr: Bobulix , Neil Young , Didi , Satyam Joshi , Bruce , Donald Macauley

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8,167 m / 26,795 ft

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