Ngadi Chuli (7,871 m)

Ngadi Chuli is a high peak in the Mansiri Himal , also known as the Gurkha Massif, in Nepal. It is flanked by Manaslu to the north and Himalchuli to the south.Despite its top 20 height, Ngadi Chuli has only been climbed once or twice. The probable first ascent occurred in 1970. Hiroshi Watanabe and Sherpa Lhakpa Tsering, members of a Japanese expedition, climbed the east ridge and face.The first confirmed ascent, and as of 2014 the last attempt on the mountain, was in 1979 by the Polish climbers Ryszard Gajewski and Maciej Pawlikowski via the West buttress.

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Peak Facts

7,871 m / 25,823 ft
Alt. Name:
Peak 29

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