Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the far eastern states of India and one of the best kept secrets in the Indian Himalayas. Trekking in Sikkim has its own charm providing allowing visitors to experience crossing over from sub-tropical to temperate zones, followed by alpine and high- altitude areas in a short span of time. Treks in the region for the most part skirt the lowlands around the Kangchenjunga massif or head directly to one of its basecamps as in the case of the Goecha La and Green Lake treks.

Mt. Khangchendzonga (28,169ft/8,586 m) is the third highest peak in the world and considered sacred no every climber to summit has stopped just short of the summit. More than a peak the it's a giant massif consisting of 5 peaks that dominate the skyline of Sikkim. In fact, the word Khangchendzonga in Sikkimese means "The five treasures of the high snow" which refer to the various peaks of this massive mountain.

Gangtok, the capital, is the primary hill station lying at an elevation of 1,650m / 5,410ft and with a population of just over 100,000 it is a bustling community whose economy is primarily dependant on tourism. The small village of Yuksom is a gateway and trail head for trekkers setting off on the Goecha La and Dzongri Treks. Lachung another small village in the northern part of the state provides access to the Green Lakes trek. Sikkim is famous for its tasty momos and thukpas as well as its locally brewed millet beer.

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Top Treks

Green Lake Trek
This 10 day trek might be the most beautiful in Sikkim and is not as popular as the Goecha La program. It takes one up the Zemu River and then along the lateral moraine of the Zemu glacier to Green Lake ( 5050m / 16,600ft) which serves as a base camp for Khangchendzonga.
Dzongri Trek
This is a great trek for those short on time. It takes from 4 to 5 days from Yuksom to Dzongri Top and then back. The trek offers superb views of Kanchenjunga and Mount Pandim. A 10 day trek that is a longer version of the Dzongri trek continuing past Dzongri Top to the sacred lake of Samiti Lake and onward to Goecha La which is nearly at the base of the mighty Kanchenjunga.
Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga Trek
This 21 days trek starts in Bagdora, where you will be taking a 4 hours Journey to Darjeeling. Main Highlights of the trek are: Monasteries, Tea plantations, Glaciers, Lakes and Snow Caped mountains. Highest altitude 4940 m.
Darjeeling to Sikkim Trek
17 Days trek, places visited : Bagdogra ,Darjeeling, Tonglu, Garibas, Sandkphu,Phalut, Gangtok and more. Highest point on the trek 3640 m in Garibas. Main highlight are: Yak Yerds, Silvery Pine Forests, lakes ringed with grass, suspension bridges and monasteries.
Varsey Trekking
Sikkim offers fantastic views of the Kanchenjanga, the third highest point on Earth. This 10 days trek offers: high altitude lakes such as Kechopari, the wish fulfiller, Sanctuaries for Orchids, Rhododendrons and birds. Highest altitude of 2985 m.

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Sikkim Facts

Gangtok, Pelling, Yuksom
Best Time:
March to June, September to December
Must See:
Nathu la pass, Dzongri trek
Kangchenjunga, Talung, Kabru

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