The 7 Greatest Treks in Tibet - Exploring the Roof of the World

The Tibetan Plateau occupies an area four times the size of France and with an average elevation over 4,500m (14,800 ft) is often referred to as the “Roof of the World” or the “Third Pole” in reference to the number of glaciers and volume of ice that lies within the Himalayas. The great treks of Tibet approach the peaks of the Himalayas from the north and give a different perspective then the treks in Nepal and India which approaches from the south. The weather of Tibet is much drier and colder than conditions in Nepal and India both due to the elevation and the fact that the Himalayas block tropical monsoon moisture from reaching this far north. Strong solar forcing across the plateau in the summer and exceptionally cold winter temperatures are thought to amplify monsoon patterns across southeast Asia and before the uplift of the plateau the monsoon was likely much more moderate then it is today. The Himalayas make up the southern boundary of the Tibetan Plateau and geologists estimate that uplift of the plateau began about 20 million years ago as mantle material flowed towards a low pressure area away from the Himalayas. Tibet might be a […]

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The World's Highest Trek – Mount Everest Advance Base Camp

Mount Everest Advance Base Camp (EABC) not to be confused with Everest Base Camp is approached from Tibet and is the highest that one can go on Everest without a climbing permit. It’s also the world’s highest trek on an established trail. The same route is typically used by climbers attempting to summit who continue on past Advanced Base Camp and follow the North Col and then the Northeast Ridge to the summit. The route has to Mount Everest Advance Base Camp is a challenging but beautiful trek through a stunning mountain landscape. The journey to EABC starts in Lhasa (11,975ft/ 3,650m) the capital of Tibet where it’s best to spend a few days acclimatizing before heading out towards Everest. Lhasa is amazing destination itself with the majestic Potala Palace, the great three monasteries of Sera, Ganden and Drepung as well as the Barkor Square and Jokhang Temple. It’s 627km by road from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and the Rongbuk Valley that’s best taken over three days both to enjoy the sights but also to assist in the acclimatization process. A possible itinerary is to spend the first day visiting Yamdrock Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake, before crossing the […]

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