14 Simple Tips that Will Improve Your Everest Base Camp Trekking Experience

Most of us dream about trekking to Everest long before we arrive. I made my first trek to Everest Base Camp in 1998 and have repeated the journey many times since then. It’s an amazing experience and if you can only choose one trek in Nepal it’s my pick as the best option. Here a few simple tips and travel hacks that will improve your overall experience and save you time and money.

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Packing Checklist for Everest Base Camp

Here’s a complete rundown of what to bring if you’re planning a trek to Everest Base Camp or any other tea-house trek in Nepal.  Proper preparation and equipment for the conditions will go a long ways to ensuring you have a great trekking experience.  What follows is a pretty comprehensive list and will make sure you are covered in the coldest months of the year. If you have questions on what you might need just ask us and keep in mind that Kathmandu is a great place to buy trekking gear at affordable prices. You can download the complete packing list here: Everest Base Camp Packing List If you prefer a word document click here

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4 Great Day Hikes from Namche Bazaar

Almost everyone headed to Everest Base Camp spends at least a day acclimatizing in Namche Bazaar the largest village in the entire Khumbu Region. We typically organize our Everest Base Camp Trek so that you can take a rest/acclimatization day in Namche and our guests usually hike up to the Everest View Hotel for a great panorama of the Himalayas which includes Everest, Ama Dablam and Lhotse. While this is a great excursion, it’s good to know what the options are. If you’re trekking with us to Base Camp and one of these sounds more appealing than the Everest View Hotel hike, just  let us know and we can arrange it for you. Here’s a look at what we think are the four best day hikes from Namche:

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Everest Base Camp Trek 2015 Post Earthquake

Last Update May 25,2015: We have been getting lots of questions about the upcoming trekking season and the condition of the trail and teahouses along the Everest Base Camp Trek after the earthquake. That good news is that all the treks scheduled for next season September to November 2015 are going. The region did experience damage from both earthquakes (the 7.8 on April 24th and the 7.3 on May 12th), but the trail is in good shape and most the teahouses will be operational for the upcoming season. I got a firsthand look at the region after the first earthquake and several of our clients were trekking at the time of the second quake. This report is based on my observations, that of our guides living in the Khumbu and those of several clients who were on the trek after the second quake.

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Everest vs. Annapurna Base Camp Treks

Everest or Annapurna Base Camp. If it’s your first time in Nepal you might be wondering which is the better trek? Having done both I would right out the gate say Everest Base Camp. However, if your worried about acclimatization, scared of flying small planes or don’t like colder temperatures then Annapurna Base Camp might be a better option. Here is a short review of both treks and the pros and cons of doing each. Keep in mind at the end of the day this is a bit subjective and that they both deserve to be included in a list of the world’s greatest treks. The first thing to consider is the scenery of each trek. The trek to Everest Base Camp I think wins by a good margin. One of my favorite things about the trek to Everest Base Camp is that from you are almost in direct view of some amazing peaks. On the first few days of the trek you can get a view of peaks such as Thyangmoche, Kusum Kanguru and Thamserku. Once you past Namche Bazaar you are in almost always in direct view of Everest or one of the other giant peaks like Ama […]

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