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Trekking Tips

6 Tips for Buying Cheap Trekking Gear in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a great place to buy camping equipment and outdoor wear if you are not looking for major name brands. The same down jacket that you might buy in the United States for $300 can easily be obtained for $50 in Nepal. In fact, I always wait until my next trip to Nepal to shop for these types of things. That said cheap knock-offs abound and the quality of the gear varies quite a bit from shop-to-shop. If you do buy a jacket that is labeled North Face or Patagonia it’s almost guaranteed to be fake unless you are buying it from the actual outlet in Kathmandu. For the best shopping experience forgot about the labels and focus on the quality of the actual product you are buying. Here are a few things to look at; 1. Zippers – Test the zippers on whatever you buy carefully by open and shutting them a few times. Make a careful visual inspection as to the strength and ask yourself if it will hold up after use. Bigger zippers are usually stronger but not always. Lots of loose stitching around the zipper is also a bad sign. 2. Stitching – Carefully inspect […]

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4 Things that might surprise you about Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

If you have not trekked in the Himalayas you may not be familiar with “Teahouse Trekking.” This is probably the most popular style of trekking and simply involves going from teahouse to teahouse. Teahouses are essentially small hotels found in local villages that offer both a place to sleep as well as home cooked meals. On routes with sufficient number of tea houses you don’t need to worry about brining a tent or carrying your own food. The actual quality of the teahouse varies quite a bit depending on the amount of foot traffic in the region, number of foreigners and competition. Teahouses in the Everest and Annapurna region are exceptionally nice and many boast of western style flush toilets, hot water showers, a selection of beverages including beer and a wide range of menu items. Teahouses along less popular trekking routes are usually more rudimentary and one might expect to sleep in a common room around a toasty stove after enjoying a meal of dhal bhatt (rice and lentils). Teahouses are pretty great! – If your trekking in the Everest and Annapurna region the tea houses are almost like small hotels but with a much more home-stay feeling. Most […]

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14 Simple Tips that Will Improve Your Everest Base Camp Trekking Experience

Most of us dream about trekking to Everest long before we arrive. I made my first trek to Everest Base Camp in 1998 and have repeated the journey many times since then. It’s an amazing experience and if you can only choose one trek in Nepal it’s my pick as the best option. Here a few simple tips and travel hacks that will improve your overall experience and save you time and money. Before you arrive – Make sure you get the best rate on your flight to Nepal (Here is how). If you can bring three passport sized photos of yourself. You can get them on arrival if needed but if the photo both is not open it can be a bit of a headache and will put you at the end of the visa processing que.   Send us your ticket information keep up to date of any changes or delays. Our representative will be waiting for you with a sign with your name printed on it. What to Pack – Here is a list of everything we suggest (Click here). However, the most important thing to bring is a good pair of trekking shoes that you have hiked […]

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