How to Hack a Cheap Flight to Nepal

Wondering how to get the best deal on a flight to Nepal? Here are some suggestions based on where you might be coming from. You can save a lot if you have some flexibility and are willing to plan in advance. Even if you have some fixed dates you should still find some great tips in this article. If you have any questions about getting a cheap flight don’t hesitate to ask us.

Caution! Read This if you are going through India: A Visa is required to enter India so if you have luggage this option will not work since you have to go through immigration to collect bags. However if you have an Indian visa already in hand it’s a good bet. Also remember you can’t leave the transit area of the Delhi airport without a visa so doesn’t plan a layover longer than 8 hours. Some countries are eligible for visa on arrival but they still need to process this at least 4 days in advance online.

North America Option 1 Via India to Kathmandu  :  If you’re coming from North America the cheapest flights you will find are out of New York’s JFK airport to Delhi in India and then purchasing a separate onward ticket from from Delhi to Kathmandu. To book the first leg of the journey I recommend using The great thing about Skyscanner is you can search large time frames and multiple cities at once to find the best rates. For instance you can enter departure as “United States” and arrival city as “Delhi”. I just completed one search and found that JFK to Delhi was $691 if you are able to be flexible with your dates. Return flights from Delhi to Kathmandu should be in the range of $300 so your total ticket cost is less than $1000.

Australia to Kathmandu : The best bet here is to book a flight on to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and then book a direct flight to Kathmandu. Check aggregators such as and

North America Option 2 Via India to Kathmandu :  Other good options that avoid the transit problem in India are JFK to Kathmandu via Istanbul on Air Turkey or via Dubai on Emirates. It’s possible to get either of these airfares for under $1000 round trip if you are flexible on the dates. Two websites that are worth checking rates on are and If you are trying to book a ticket to JFK make sure to check the website in addition to other flight searches.

South America to Kathmandu  : My favorite airline here is has multiple flights to Europe and then an onward ticket can be purchased to Kathmandu. Also check

Africa to Kathmandu : Try flying to Dubai and then getting a ticket from Emirates to Kathmandu. Also look at the option to transfer from Dubai to Sharjah (a 40 minute taxi ride from the main airport in Dubai) and taking the Air Arabia flight to Kathmandu. If you are in South Africa or Kenya and hold an India Visa you can also compare that with the price of flying via Mumbai.

Europe to Kathmandu :  There are no direct flights from Europe to Kathmandu. Once can fly directly to India but read the visa caution (above). Alternatively, you can fly directly from Istanbul or the UAE. If you fly to Istanbul you can take Turkish airlines to Kathmandu or you can transfer to Sabiha Airport (SAW) which is about a 2 hour commute and take FlyDubai or AirArabia flights that transfer through the the UAE and can cost as low as 300 euros. The cheapest flight leaving the UAE is generally from Sharjah on AirArabia. Sharjah airport is about a 40 minute taxi ride from the main airport in Dubai.

Direct International Flights to Kathmandu
Country City Flight Airline Code
Bhutan Paro KB 400 Drukair PBH
China Lhasa CA 407 Air China LXA
China Guangzhou CZ 6067 China Southern CAN
China Chengdu CA 437 Air China CTU
China Kunming MU 2583 China Eastern KMG
China Guangzhou CZ 3067 China Southern CAN
Delhi Delhi AI 213 Air India DEL
Hong Kong Hong Kong RA 410 Nepal Airlines HKG
India Mumbai 9W 268 Jet Airways (India) BOM
India Delhi 6E 31 IndiGo DEL
India Varanasi AI 251 Air India VNS
India Mumbai 9W 266 Jet Airways (India) BOM
India Delhi AI 215 Air India DEL
India Kolkata AI 247 Air India CCU
India Delhi 9W 262 Jet Airways (India) DEL
India Delhi 9W 260 Jet Airways (India) DEL
India Varanasi BHA 161 Buddha Air VNS
India Delhi SG 45 SpiceJet DEL
India Delhi 9W 264 Jet Airways (India) DEL
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur RA 416 Nepal Airlines KUL
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MH 170 Malaysia Airlines KUL
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur D7 192 AirAsia X KUL
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MH 114 Malaysia Airlines KUL
Saudi Arabia Muscat WY 337 Oman Air MCT
Singapore Singapore MI 412 SilkAir SIN
Singapore Singapore SQ 5312 Singapore Airlines SIN
Thailand Bangkok TG 319 Thai Airways BKK
Turkey Istanbul TK 726 Turkish Airlines IST
UAE Sharjah G9 539 Air Arabia SHJ
UAE Doha QR 652 Qatar Airways DOH
UAE Doha G9 531 Air Arabia SHJ
UAE Abu Dhabi QR 646 Qatar Airways DOH
UAE Abu Dhabi EY 290 Etihad Airways AUH
UAE Abu Dhabi KL 3922 KLM AUH
UAE Dubai AF 3816 Air France AUH
UAE Doha FZ 575 Flydubai DXB
UAE Abu Dhabi QR 650 Qatar Airways DOH
UAE Abu Dhabi EY 292 Etihad Airways AUH
UAE Abu Dhabi AF 3817 Air France AUH
UAE Abu Dhabi KL 3890 KLM AUH
UAE Sharjah G9 537 Air Arabia SHJ
UAE Dubai FZ 573 Flydubai DXB