Nepal Earthquake Assistance

The past week in Nepal has been a painful and tense one for everyone. When the earthquake struck early in the day on Saturday I was just about to sit down for lunch at the Pilgrims Hotel in Kathmandu. The earthquake was so strong that it literally knocked me over as I ran up the steps from the basement and I found myself crawling out of the door. Once outside there was no place to run. Today, I just found out that the village of Langtang was completely destroyed by an avalanche two days after the first earthquake. My wife and I just came back from trekking in Langtang a few weeks ago and we stopped in the village of Langtang to play with the kids and take pictures of them. These little girls in the photo were so sweet and kept throwing kisses at us in the air after Ann gave them just a small piece of candy each. They lived in Langtang and now who knows what.

Our first concern at Himalayanwonders after the earthquake was making sure that all of our clients and staff and their families were safe. Fortunately no one has been hurt seriously but many of our guides who live in the isolated villages have had their homes completely destroyed and their families are living out in the open. They don’t have the money to rebuild and need our help.

As one of the founders of Himalayanwonders I believe it’s time to step up and help those in need. I have a number of years of experience managing natural disasters in the United States and have been working in Nepal and India for the last 10 years so I know how to move quickly and make things happen in a developing country like Nepal.

How We Can Help?

Many of our trekking guides live in remote villages and have had their homes completely destroyed and now their families are out in the open. Our goal is help them rebuild their homes and give assistance to those in the local villages. Our plan is to rent several 4WD vehicles in Kathmandu and load them with basic essentials and building supplies to take to these villages. We aim to help two or three villages depending on the amount we are able to raise.

Currently, international relief organizations are only able to bring a limited amount of supplies due to the capacity of the airport. We are on the ground here and can quickly procure some of the required supplies and get them where they need to go. Targeting villages and coordinating with our guides who have meaningful local networks will allow us to move quickly and effectively. I will personally manage the entire process and have worked over a decade in the region and have almost the same amount of experience managing emergency situations in the United States.

What You Can Do To Support Us
  1. Make a contribution to our crowd-raising campaign. Every amount will help. (click here).
  2. Come to Nepal during the month of May. If you want to help be part of the efforts get here and we will put you to work. Send me an email at or call me directly in Nepal at 977-9818962190. If you send me an email and don’t hear back its because the internet is very bad here now. Please email Pablo instead at so he can coordinate with me.
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Here are some photos I took in Kathmandu immediately following the earthquake that show the scale of the devastation.
Damage in Thamel

Damage in Thamel

Destruction at Durbar Square

Destruction at Durbar Square